Our Partners

At EastGate Digital we made a commitment to provide solutions, products and services which are reliable, proven and bring real business benefits to our customers. That’s why we have engaged with business partners whose technologies are already used by thousands of companies globally, but at the same time, who are highly flexible, innovative and represented by great people, we can trust and rely on. For us, partnership is more than just a word - it's a way we work!



As a leader in smart data capture, Scandit gives superpowers to workers, customers and businesses by providing actionable insights and automating end-to-end processes. Its smart data capture platform enables smart devices, such as smartphones, drones, digital eyewear and robots to interact with physical items by capturing data from barcodes, text, IDs and objects with unmatched speed, accuracy and intelligence. Scandit currently scans up to 3x faster than dedicated scanners in challenging light or at angles, on damaged labels, across multiple codes on any smart device.



As a leading provider of digital work instructions solutions, VIAR's platform REWO helps large multinational manufacturers or field services companies to improve efficiency and productivity, as well as workplace health and safety. By creating and implementing digitalized guidelines related to any business critical procedure and doing it up to 12x faster than when using traditional documentation methods, VIAR brings its customers clear and measurable benefits which positively influence any type of production or field services operation.



As a logistics technology company which tackles real-life planning challenges, Optiyol provides route optimization software which reduces transportation costs and improves visibility for logistics, e-commerce, CPG, food & beverages, manufacturing and retail companies in their last-mile and long-haul operations. Compared to traditional methods, Optiyol reduces fuel costs by 15-25% and fleet size by 5-10%, while also improving on-time delivery rates by 20-30%. Its solutions are used to optimize and track over 150 distribution operations in different geographies with unique challenges.

B2M Solutions

A provider of enterprise mobility intelligence software called Elemez, B2M Solutions enables its users monitoring and measurement of enterprise mobile devices and applications which helps proactively find and fix issues that might occur in the field. Unlike other mobility management solutions from other vendors, Elemez monitors and measures mobile devices, apps, and data usage in real-time to find the large numbers of problems which go unreported each month to IT and negatively impact workers’ ability to use mobile devices and apps to do their jobs daily.


Portable, pocket-sized and easy to use, Cubetape captures dimensional and item data to give accurate shipping costs for pallets and parcels and avoid back charges. Owned by ParcelTools, the leading manufacturer and supplier of mobile dimensioning and data capture portable dimensional weight calculation equipment for the transport, postal and logistics industries, Cubetape is the user-friendly and cost-effective solution for gaining control of critical shipment record data and avoiding costly back charges and customer disputes.



As a provider of field service management platform, Frontu empowers frontline technicians to do their job more effectively and efficiently. Available as a web and mobile app, the platform digitizes field service management operations, eliminates manual work, saves time, cuts costs, and builds clear communication channels between head office, employees and clients. In a line of work as challenging as field services, Frontu brings clarity, enables companies to make data-driven decisions and already helped customers from 16 countries to complete more than 40 million tasks.