Transportation & Logistics

All businesses within Transportation & Logistics industry, including courier companies, national posts, third-party logistics, air/rail/road carriers, pharma distributors or food & beverages producers are forces to innovate, to be able to better face unprecedent market conditions such as increase in parcels volume, rising fuel prices, labor shortage or higher customer expectations. Thanks to smart data capture platform from Scandit, anyone can start using barcode scanning technology for the last mile delivery, without a need of having dedicated devices in place, but just using any device with camera. This brings significant cost reduction and helps to scale up and down resources needed for peak times, including allowing drivers to use their own smartphones (Bring Your Own Device) for their daily duties. If mainly dedicated barcode scanning devices are used for key processes, Elemez platform from B2M Solutions helps to understand what & why these devices are not healthy and enables proactively take control over issues. Through real-time monitoring, diagnostic and analysis, it also provides actionable insights about devices utilization, to be able to answer tough business questions concerning the usage and ROI of mobile investments. Ability to dynamically optimize the route of any truck or van when using last mile delivery and route optimization solutions from Optiyol, provides substantial fuel savings, emissions reduction and increase in customer satisfaction which results in on-time deliveries. Precisely calculate the shipping costs of bulky consignments or pallets, to protect the revenue, is now more important than ever, that's why many companies deploy dimensioning solutions from Cubetape, which are accurate, portable, cost-effective and very easy to use.