Manufacturing & Field Services

To be able to face ongoing market challenges such as aging workforce, increase in jobs execution complexity, skills gap or higher pressure on compliance and regulations, Manufacturing & Field Services companies leverage various disruptive technologies, as a part of their digital transformation process. Solutions such as REWO platform from VIAR helps to optimize and improve different aspects of manufacturing and field service operations, especially when it comes to knowledge base safekeeping and transfer, which enables to lower the training costs, speed up the ramp up time of the new hires, remove processes inconsistences and improve workers productivity. Providing fully automated step-by-step digital work instructions for critical and complex tasks, can be managed by software solutions from Frontu, which eliminate paperwork, save time, reduce errors, improve first time fix rate and boost customer satisfaction and in combination with smart data capture platform from Scandit which provides powerful barcode scanning capabilities and augmented reality driven visual instructions, any duties inside or outside four walls can be fulfilled much easier and faster.