Retail & E-commerce

Urgency to provide shoppers multiple channels and touchpoints to create a consistent and cohesive brand experience and successful deployment of the omnichannel strategy, are the major innovation drivers for most of Retail & E-commerce businesses. By providing reliable tool for self-scanning and augmented reality for delivering personalized coupons or real-time product information, while still using any type of personal smartphone, smart data capture platform from Scandit brings gamification of shopping into physical store, which results in increase of shopping cart value and strengthens customers’ loyalty. At the same time, usage of augmented reality capabilities is a very powerful tool for all store associates across retail industry, so they can carry out many different roles, but still being highly efficient and positively influence customers’ shopping experience, no matter if smartphones or dedicated barcode scanning devices are used for in-store operations. Considering the steep growth of e-commerce industry we see all around the globe, especially when it comes to on-demand delivery services for groceries or food deliveries from restaurants, using last mile delivery and route optimization solutions from Optiyol, is the way how to bring better efficiency to all couriers and at the same time to increase customers' satisfaction and percentage of on-time deliveries.